But sometimes, all those brilliant ideas and goals can feel overwhelming, right?
That's where coaching comes in. Imagine having a  seasoned business and mindset coach who helps you turn your cluttered thoughts and ideas into a clear, focused direction. Whether it's about your personal brand, next big business move, or fine-tuning those game-changing goals, these offerings are designed to cut through the noise and start your new era. It's time to transform those dreams and potential into a solid, actionable plans that truly reflects your vision.


Gain clarity & finally feel inspired to take action.

Refine your myriad of ideas into a single, compelling direction.  Crystalize your vision, creating a sharp, actionable plan that mirrors your deepest ambitions.


Craft your customized blueprint with

Design a strategy with precision and creativity. We map out each step, ensuring your actions lead directly to the realization of your ambitions.


Gain the tools and resources you need to level up.

Get the essential tools and resources you need to simplify your workflow and make your operations more efficient. This step will help you focus better on growth, reduce time spent on complex tasks, and streamline your processes for smoother execution.


Upgrade your mindset & confidence.

Learn to recognize and challenge scarcity-based thinking, replacing it with an abundance mindset. Create pivotal shifts that  empower you to see your potential, encouraging you to take bold, inspired action.


Maintain momentum with an accountability

Secure your progress with your coach by your side, providing encouragement, insight, and actionable advice. Our intensive coaching ensures you stay focused and on track, celebrating your wins and refining your strategy every step of the way.

Brand Audit Sessions offer a personalized assessment of your brand's identity, messaging, and overall execution. These sessions provide a comprehensive review of your brand's strengths and areas for improvement.
We meticulously examine your materials and align them with your brand goals and audience. After the audit, clients receive a detailed recorded video with findings and recommendations, providing actionable insights for enhancing your brand's effectiveness.
Brand audits are delivered via video and client portal with resources, tools, and recomendations customized for each client.

Ideal for new and experienced entrepreneurs seeking to refine their brand's impact, ensure consistency across all platforms, and strategically position themselves for growth in their market.

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Clarity Sessions offer a direct, one-on-one coaching to help you sort through your ideas and set a clear, practical plan. Led by Ivirlei, these sessions are all about defining your goals and figuring out a solid and actionable plan to achieve them. Whether it's about your career, personal brand, or any ambition, we'll provide the guidance and support you need to move forward effectively. 
Clarity calls are usually around 1-2 hours and include a complimentary 30 day followup call. 

Ideal for the visionary entrepreneur overwhelmed by their wealth of ideas and seeking a defined direction to align their passion with purposeful action.

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Our Intensive coaching option is a transformative journey with Ivirlei's weekly one-on-one coaching package, designed for those ready to make meaningful progress in their personal and professional development. This program offers four tailored sessions that not only propel you toward your goals but also provide a strong accountability framework to keep you on track. 

 If you're seeking direction, motivation, and a customized approach to achieving your ambitions, this intensive coaching experience is your springboard to success, offering the support and accountability you need to thrive.

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Watch and listen as clients share their inspiring stories of empowerment and breakthroughs achieved through coaching with Ivirlei.

 Client Reviews


Client Reviews

If you've been feeling like you've
gone as far as you can alone. 
It's time to up your game.

Working with a private coach provides the tailored support and clarity you need to transform your dreams into achievements with confidence and precision.

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