After starting and growing my own women's magazine in 2007, I  realized that the most challenging aspect of entrepreneurship was getting the guidance along the journey.  That realization is how I ventured into becoming a coach for women who wanted to start their own brands.  Although I've always been  involved in acting and performing, I realized that I also had a passion for being a guide and resource for new entrepreneurs who were in the beginning stages as I once was.  After moving to LA, I began working in commercials as well as coaching 1 on 1. 

After 8 years of successfully working with dynamic women from all walks of life, I took a 1 year hiatus to focus on my health and healing. That time away helped me to realize I wanted to pivot and refocus my energy. I began to set my sights on mentorship, leaning into theatrical acting, and sharing wellness insights & practices that helped me heal through my health issues. 
Nowadays, my focus is on using everything I've learned over the years to help others and I'm looking forward to this new chapter. I'm hoping you'll join me.


My Current Focus:
Re-wiring my brain to focus on what's important in any moment and getting rid of  "stuff" both mentally and physically.

What I'm 


Learning and Using A.I. to optimize everything from travel planning to personal calendar, learning new healthy sorbet recipes using our Ninja Creami, new album by Maeta,  recipes, swimming laps in the a.m.

What I'm 


 Vision boarding a romantic and elegant wedding that includes:  people we love, a champagne tower, chocolate cake, lace gloves, vintage details, and photos shot on film. 

What I'm 


The need to provide a follow up explanation after saying "No.". Constant tension in my neck and shoulders, bad habits.

what I


That each of us can change our reality by first changing our perspective, that memories are more important than material things, that beautiful flowers make everything better.

My little fam

Ocean always

Scenes from my World


I recorded this meditation with you in mind.
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